‘Uffici’ painted silk velvet shawl collar jacket Carole Waller CW7.53


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The Uffici galleries in Florence house some of the most beautiful paintings I know. The painting which gave me the idea for this series, and this shawl collar jacket, holds a beautiful image of golden embroidery on a black garment of some sort – I only took a picture of the detail and am frustrated not to know the painter! ….. must go back to Florence asap and sort this out. This series of clothes and scarves, ‘Uffici’, is my attempt to interpret the embroidery using simple drawing and loose mark making in an attempt to achieve something of its delicacy, in a contemporary way.

This is an unstructured silk viscose velvet shawl collar jacket in black, blue, golds, pink and some red.  It is a piece of clothing to wear anytime and anywhere, with lots of options from jeans with a tee shirt, to posh pants and a camisole. It is timeless.

Fits a size 10/14 UK 8/12 USA

Dry clean.

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