‘The View from Here’ is a collection of one off garments and scarves by Carole Waller in which the painted marks contrast with screen printed images of trees framed in letterbox like strips –  as seen through the windows here. Inspired by the magnificent trees, poplars, rowan, silver birch that surround my home and studio just outside Bath in the UK – observed and photographed with great attention during the winter of 2020/2021.

There is only one of each handpainted piece, this is a simple square cut silk top painted on a wonderful woven crinkly silk in pink, red, turquoise, yellow and slate on white.

You can commission the shape of any of my pieces in the colours of your choice –  inspired by other colourways in the rest of my collection of shirts, coats, jackets and scarves.

Approximate Measurements : Backlength: 43cm/17″ ” Bustline approximate measurement: 186cm/72″

121cm/47″ from sleeve end to sleeve end …… no shoulder seam.

Handwash or dry clean.