‘Close Up’ handpainted silk crepe tunic Carole Waller 7.74


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This series of painted pieces explores patina, layers of time and evolution. Slowly painted stripes of pinks/reds and blacks look simple but are full of detail and complexity in this silk crepe de chine tunic has a black and gold silk georgette band at the hem – and is part of my Autumn Collection ‘The Woman Who Knew Too Much’ Part 2 . Inspired in the streets Florence and made in Bath – there is a metaphorical reference to the idea of a ‘Running Fence’ gently surrounding the body and protecting it like a second skin – the personality inside expressing itself through the fabric. These pieces are habitations for the wearer.

This tunic is handwashable and measures :  Backlength: 79cm/31″ shoulder to shoulder approx : 45cm/17.5″ approx  Bustline:100/40″” sleeve length 53cm/21″

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