I make bespoke stoneware pots, cups and tea bowls for food and drink, also painted ceramic wall pieces and sculpture in stoneware and porcelain. I aim to capture qualities in my work that are vigorous, contemplative and distinctive.

Please view my work here – and buy if you wish!

Practical, bespoke stoneware pots and cups, designed for comfort

The design of my cups with handles focusses on comfort and ergonomic ease of use – they fit snugly into the user’s hand. Visually, these pieces reveal a rich depth of colour and texture.

My tea bowls require no handle: they have sculptural carved textures, the contours of which fit comfortably in the hand and offer warmth from the tea or coffee contained within. These bespoke stoneware pots can also be used for wine, soft drinks and the occasional gin and tonic!

Pots, vases, dishes and more

I also make a selection of other functional items for use in the home; pots; vases for flowers; serving dishes; noodle bowls; and jars for containing cooking spoons and spatulas.


As described on my painted ceramic wall pieces and sculpture page, my glazing, painting and firing process relies on a degree of risk, chance and serendipity: while familiar layers of colour are applied to the work, no two firings are identical. This unpredictability results in a certain unique charge and power to all of my bespoke stoneware pots.

In my ceramic glazing work the colours of the glazes pre-firing vary from the colours post-firing, when pieces are removed from the kiln. The very high temperatures involved mean letting go of pre-conceived visions of what the outcome will be, accepting the alchemy inherent in the approach.

Email me to discuss commissioning a bespoke item, or call me on 07840 420784.