One of a kind handpainted clothes

Welcome to Carole Waller’s latest collection of one of a kind pieces of painted clothing. Unique and collectable, Carole’s art to wear can be found in the Fashion and Textile Collecton at the V&A in Lindon – and has been sold in Liberty, Harvey Nichols and Bergdorf Goodman. She originally opened Waller&Wood in Bath in 2015 with her husband, ceramicist Gary Wood and the gallery can be visited by appointment on Box Road just outside the city.

 Carole’s clothing is timeless, ageless, easy-to-wear. Each piece is an individual work of art; as unique as the person who wears it.

There is an introduction to a previous collection written by Lynne Franks, OBE. below.

Find the whole collection of clothes and scarves in Carole Waller's art to wear website

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Find here sOme examples of recent collections including ‘Glider’ for Autumn 2021 which was inspired by watching paragliders on top of the Malvern hills launching vibrant colour to float across the english landscape.

also: ‘The View from Here’ – a collection of art to wear inspired by the view of magnificent trees from my studio during the long Winter of 2020 to let light into Spring and summer 2021

Photos: Egle Vasi | Styling: Sarah Baker | Model: | Hair and make up: Lisa Caldognetto | Shoes by ChaniiB | Additional clothes: OSKA |

Art to wear: connecting painting and life. Introduction by Lynne Franks OBE.

Carole Waller’s focus as an artist has always been the connection between painting and life. This is what drew her to move art out of the frame and create her stunning ‘artwear’, which has been applauded and appreciated throughout the world.

She has enjoyed global success, selling through the world’s top retailers as well as being exhibited in major galleries since starting her one-of-a-kind, hand painted fashions, in 1986.

Her clothes, scarves and paintings can be found in the V&A in London as well as in her gallery in Bath, and on walls and in wardrobes around the world.

Handmade clothing: timeless, wearable textile art

Her designs are about spirit and the individuality of the owner and Carole believes should be worn anywhere, anytime, from the supermarket to the wedding. They are timeless and completely wearable pieces, giving their wearers confidence and joy.

Carole believes that, “a piece of clothing should look different every time it is worn, depending on the mood of the wearer”. Her interest in movement and the energy of colour, in combination with a sense of the ephemeral make clothing a perfect medium of expression.

She has explored her successful art glass works and paintings from a different perspective. ‘The juxtaposition of toughened glass protecting a fragile membrane of silk reminds us of the sensitivity of the human body , and our skin, which is protected by the wrappings of our clothing.”

Her vibrant colours and shapes can also enhance the emotions of the wearer. Carole believes they give you freedom from conformity and give confidence, spirit and a feeling of timelessness, always staying fresh and forever wearable in your wardrobe.

Art to wear: slow fashion at its best

Says Carole, “You will never want to throw them away. You might eventually want to give them away to your children and friends. It’s slow fashion at its best”.

For this 2020 collection, Carole’s original inspiration comes from visits to the beautiful city of Florence, firstly as a child and then as a teenager – and in January 2020. She was particularly moved by Massaccio’s frescoes in the Brancacci Chapel and Fra Angelico images in the convent of Santa Maria Novella.

“It’s the calming soft colours together with the grace and humility of the frescoes which I particularly love and have worked this timeless feeling into the fabric I have designed for this collection. We need to slow down and cut out the noise,” she reveals.

Lynne Franks, OBE. May 2020

Find more information about this collection of wearable art and Carole’s work, on her dedicated website:

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