Unique architectural glass installations for hotels, public buildings, and private residences

Architectural glass installations can add a unique dimension to interiors: my bespoke art glass panels feature in many widely differing settings.

Working directly with hotel owners and interior designers

I work directly with building owners or commissioning interior designers, getting to know the space and objectives, and often then make up a series of initial sketches or mock ups.

I paint on fabric which shimmers slightly, and use a method of etching into the cloth to create areas of transparency contrasted to opacity. This makes beautiful shadows, and when the fabric is encapsulated between toughened glass, allows for partial screening effects if required. The resulting laminated glass panels can be compared to stained glass – and have a similar transformative effect on the light and atmosphere of a space.

Create a unique space for you and your visitors to enjoy

Incorporating my work into a space can transform it, creating a truly unique, atmospheric and memorable place for you and your visitors to enjoy. Art glass panels provide a fantastic opportunity for interior designers to create ambience and a strong visual impression in their designs, while hotel owners tell me that my work has real impact even when the colours are subtle, and is regularly commented upon by their visitors.

I am inspired by light and water – landscape and weather – and several projects have sought to bring that imagery into a building through image and colour. The softness of textile and the richness of the painted colours combine to achieve a completely unique product.

I was awarded a major grant by Arts Council England in 2005 to develop this work and it continues to excite and thrill me as I install each unique project.

Where can art glass panels be incorporated?

Projects can be incorporated as freestanding art glass panels, glass screens, or within any architectural glass setting. My work is also suitable for outdoor sculpture.

Laminated glass panels are ideal for hotels and restaurants, spas and wellbeing centres. They can be incorporated into a variety of interior design schemes including for offices, secular or sacred spaces, and for public and residential commissions.

Glass art is evocative , gentle and ethereal – whilst vibrant and full of light and colour. This is evident in my work for the health suite and spa at No15 Great Pulteney Street, a luxury hotel in Bath, UK. Here the laminated panels were used as windows to evoke beautiful calm light in the treatment rooms and spa.

The technical suitability of the glass I use

The toughened (tempered) glass that encases my painted fabrics is suitable for any context where glass might be specified. The resin laminating the glass has UV protection as well as resistance to extremes of temperature.

The glass is both toughened and laminated – providing the highest technical specifications for safety suitable for application in any architectural or interior setting. Artworks, screens, furniture, windows, doors, splashbacks, balustrades, shower screens, wallcladding, room dividers, reception desks, bars – and more!

Hotels and spas

This project for No.15 Great Pulteney Hotel and Spa in Bath takes the visitor from a courtyard garden through bespoke art glass panel doorways into the hotel’s luxurious spa, treatment rooms and bedrooms. My art glass is used for windows in the treatment rooms, the sauna and steam area – creating a sense of calm in one space, and vibrancy in the other!

I work closely with hotel owners, interior and garden designers to incorporate the beauty of coloured glass into a setting. The unique characteristics of the slightly shimmering cloth laminated between glass bring a serene, gently coloured light into a space.


I work with private residential clients and appointed interior designers, to create site specific sculptural glass works of art for the house (or garden).

I love the creative challenge, collaborating closely with each client to understand their objectives, and how my art glass panels can integrate with and enhance their space. It might be an opportunity to refer to imagery from the garden, the landscape, the views from the house and bring them indoors – or a completely abstract architectural glass solution using colour and light to transform a space.

Site visits and discussion form the starting points for each project. These unique, laminated glass panels can be used for windows, balustrades, accent walls, wall cladding, doors and room dividers.

Freestanding art glass panels

This collection of freestanding art glass panels was made for exhibition, and explores the idea of ‘projecting’ imagery into an interior or exterior location with the transparent support of toughened glass. An idea, or image, is transported into another context where it floats and merges with its surroundings. The image is painted into a fine silk/viscose membrane and laminated between 5mm thick toughened glass.

These glass artworks can be incorporated into interiors as glass sculpture, screens and room dividers – and as with all my glass art works, they can be installed outdoors as the resin provides UV protection. Selected pieces are available for sale.

Email me to commission a bespoke item, or call me on 07803 033629.


Photos: Jason Ingram and Chris Daw