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Carole Waller
art glass panels for interiors

Carole Waller
glass art for outdoors

Carole Waller

Carole Waller

Gary Wood
ceramic wall pieces

Gary Wood
drinking vessels




Welcome to Waller&Wood, the work of Bath artists Carole Waller and Gary Wood. Carole’s glass sculptures and Gary’s ceramic wall pieces feature in successful architectural installations in spectacular indoor and outdoor settings. Their work is complimentary to a multitude of spaces and environments and they work closely with clients to produce creative bespoke commissions.

Carole’s stunning glass panels incorporate her fabric paintings, and can be integrated into architectural schemes. She also creates original wearable art; her latest collection is here, while her wider range is available at

Gary’s expertise is in painted stoneware and porcelain ceramics. As well as beautiful wall pieces and sculptural artworks, he produces signature pots, bowls and drinking vessels.

Waller&Wood online exhibition

Turning Head

We have invited 7 other artists to contribute works in a variety of media in response to the ambiguous theme, and are delighted to show you the outcomes in this exhibition with work by Graham Hollick, Christina Romero Cross, Fran Landsman, Egle Vasi, Geena Wood, John Harland and Will Renel with Carole Waller and Gary Wood.